100wc felix w stockbridgec

I was walking down the street with my mate searching for a reasonable shop to explore. I wonder what surprises are in store for me today. Walking down the streets dreamless we spotted an irresistible chocolate shop, yep that’s right a chocolate shop full of irresistible treats. Without a thought we rushed in. looking at all this chocolate made me want to scoff it down in one! I ran around the shop looking for something to buy. I found a crunchy creamy chocolate bar. I pulled it off the shelf and rushed to the counter. As soon I got it I ate it in one.


George 100wc week 25

I remember the time I was in town with my best Friend Cameron .It was getting a bit late for our Comfort when we realised ….my mum was stuck in Hospital .suddenly we knew we were in trouble We could here the sound of foot steps of the robber .Then we stared to run the first door was locked so the was second  but the third was not. We ran in and then locked the door   luckily we were in the  chocolate shop we turned around and sore about 1000,000 chocolate bars looking  at all that chocolate so then we started to greedily dig in .  

looking at all that chocolate by molly.s

When I am looking at all that chocolate through the window  it makes my mouth water”. Just one little pec” I thought. I tried to open the door and it was jammed. I heaved and heaved still nothing. I smashed the window and woke up Mrs.Daday the 96 year old. “whoops” as I was about to run off a golden chocolate bar was shirring towards me. I climbed through the window and grabbed the the chocolate bar shouted “sorry for waking you up Mrs.Daday”I grinned with joy.by now she is probably just got down stairs I ran out of there.  

100 wc week 25 A.H

Finally the day has come!!! I ran around it laughing screaming with joy. But the best bit was when I ran into a room made of CHOCOLATE yep thats right I said chocolate it was the most exquisite room ever. Just looking at all that chocolate made my mouth water and made me want to eat it ALL!!!! Then Willy Wonka said we can take anything we want and take it home to eat!!! It was the best day ever and I never wanted it to end.

“Ahhh so it was just a dream” OR WAS IT………………

looking at all that chocolate by hf

I’m going down the street alone. So many people were lining up in a long line. They are saying “chocolate!” I wonder what is going on. More than 100 people are at the shop so I joined in with them. Suddenly the shop is open, everyone has gone in looking at all the chocolate I thought. I didn’t waste any time to get five chocolatse in the shop the best shop ever. In the middle of the day the shop had 100’s of people in side. I don’t  know how many chocolate bars have been sold today.   

delicious chocolate JB 100wc

Just looking at all that chocolate  in the shop I just want a big bit of it I just went passed the shops and their was a lot of chocolate inside the shops so I went in and asked the shop keeper .” hello I want this chocolate bar please” he went out of the shops then he had a big bite of the chocolate and it was delicious so he went back home. before he went home he passed a shop with lots of chocolate and he  went home and he went up stairs and had lots of chocolate.


One fine sunny day I went for a walk and I could smell delicious melted chocolate coming from next door to my house ( which was no.10) so I walked inside and thumped to the floor.  Then I stood myself back up and said to myself Looking at all that chocolate Then I asked one of the one pound chocolate bars please “ course  you can bye then I went home to have my favourite tea cheesy pasta.

christopher wc week 25

Glaring, at all that chocolate, mouth drooling. Reaching in to my pocket, scanning my pocket for money. Out came my hand with 1p, what a let-down, I needed 50p. Looking at all that chocolate, I could not take my eyes of it. Walking home suddenly, I saw something glinting on the floor. As I slowly crouched down towards it, I found out it was a 50p. Charging back to the shop, I thought of what I should get. Finally I got to the shop, I went to the door. It was closed!

RE 100wc week25

Looking at all that chocolate.
The day final arrived “WAKE UP “I jumped out of bed and sprinting down the stars and stumbling in to the kitchen.” Are you ready” yet “yep” I replied in joy “well come on then “me and my mum jumped in the car. Down the road to the world’s biggest chocolate shop looking at all that chocolate made me want faint. I ran inside the shop mountains of chocolate sounded me my mouth was watering i just wanted to jump in. Biggest bar of chocolate I had ever seen I was in heaven.

Michael and the splatted chocolate EO 100wc week 25

Michael who was a Bearded Collie jumped around his kennel like a chicken. He pounced on the bars of the kennel so hard he flew out and splatted on the ground. Out he sprinted on the road and in the chocolate market. Splat! With all the chocolate on his face it was unbelievable he killed the market man and stole all the chocolate from the market and galloped back from Stockbridge back to Nether Wallop and he was exhausted. He was looking at that chocolate on Michael’s face. “That was your birthday present!” Michael muffled.