christopher writing

         Zahra and the dying tree                                                                                                                                      As the scorched leaf glided to the ground in the African sun, Zahra skipped with delicate drops of water, as she poured the scaly water another leaf drifted over the rocky hills. Zahra desperately ran down the roasted path with determination to save the precious tree.

Desperately, she ran up and down the sizzling path but the tree was getting weaker and weaker by the minuet, but she never gave up. Slouching to the water pump, another leaf floated away in the distance. As she forced the water pump up and down, only one delicate sparkling drop shimmered in the bottom of the bowl. “Precious” thought Zahra, as she spluttered towards the tree.

As the last leaf drifted away, she finally reached the tree but it was too late. CRASH! As the pot thumps to the ground. Exhausted, she falls on the tree. As she did a bit of sweat falls from her head. As she falls asleep, the sweat falls on the trees roots, immediately the tree started blooming, the tree surrounds her with shade, flowers come out of know where. She got so comfortable she fell into a deep sleep.                


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