my story by George

Zahra and the dying tree

In the scorching African sun there was a Mopani tree that lived far up a rock base. 300 yards away from Zahra’s village  . Suddenly  when she was having a drink she looked up at her tree only to see the fine leaves of the Mopani tree falling to the scorched dry sandy bed.

All ready exhausted by the heat of the African sun she ran back and forth getting tired by the second.   After six wipes of the her eyes she had to come to believe that she had run out of water . But then there was a shinning drop of holy water. Zahra trudged back up the hill to the Mopani tree . Her vision went all blurry….

Crash as the pot crashes to the ground .Suddenly Zahra fainted. As   she fainted a drop sweat fell from her head.

Blooming the tree surrounds her shading her from the African sun.But how long will the tree survive for this time ?


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