My writing by B.S

In a dried out African desert, a little girl named Zahra was determined to rescue a dying tree. The tree grew on the outside of an African village. Zahra discovered the tree when she left her hut to go and collect more water from the water pump. On the way to the pump she squinted her eyes and saw the tree. Instantly she dropped her pot which fell with a thud and ran to get a closer look. Once she was certain of what she saw she sprinted back to the water pump and filled up her pot with crystal clear water. Straight away she knew she had to try and save it.

One delicate fragile brown leaf drifted into the scorching breeze as Zahra returned from the water pump. She bent down and watered the tree but the amount of water she had collected wasn’t enough. Afternoon was descending and poor Zahra was left in the blazing sun with the dehydrated espalier.

As time passed Zahra grew feeble and her vision became vague. With her final drive of energy, the water pump eventually stopped producing water. Only a small dribble of water squirted out of the pump. She hoisted up the pot and slowly trudged along the sandy path. When she reached the top of the hill she dropped her pot with a clatter and passed out on the floor. As she lay unconscious resting on the tree, a bead of sweat fell to the roots of the espaliers tree. As if by magic, the dying tree transformed and became something beautiful. It was amazing. The dying espaliers tree became a full grown espaliers tree. Acting as if it was alive, the beautiful tree shifted to the side and shaded the girl. As Zahra lay tossing and turning on the floor on the edges of the hill beautiful flowers popped up and surrounded Zahra. The tree was grateful and Zahra was happy that she saved the tree.  


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