The Ethiopin berry tree by Rosy

Zahra  and the Ethiopian berry tree

In a little African village under the burning sun a girl, called Zahra, saw a dying tree .The tree couldn’t survive in the flaming African sun. She ran to her grandmother’s hut to fetch the biggest pot she could find and filled it up with the water from the pump .

She was determined to save the tree she pumped and pumped. Then she ran to the tree.

Eventually  she ran out of water and one delicate sparkling drop fell in to the pot . She was resilient and didn’t stop.

She reached the dying tree and “CRASH” as she drops the clay pot .A little drop of sweat trickles down her forehead “THUMP” as Zahra hits the ground.

Her sweat fell on the dusty ground and the tree starts to grow and grow and soon she is surrounded by plants .The tree shelters her from the scorching sun.


2 thoughts on “The Ethiopin berry tree by Rosy

  1. My favourite part is “…one delicate sparkling drop fell into the pot.”. Delicate was a great word choice.
    Miss T

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