Zahra and the dying tree

Falling ever so delicately, under the African sun, in a dried out village, one of the last three leaves fell down onto the shimmering desert and sandy ground. As Zahra the saw the dying tree she felt it was her destiny to save it.

Instantly Zahra started to sprint to the rusty, old and stiff water pump and strongly, yet resiliently, pushed and heaved on it. Shimmering water poured out through the water pump and travelled into her mother’s priceless and decorative pot. Then she lugged it all the way up to the ramp that led up to the dying tree.

As Zahra, the little girl, entered the ramp she was moving so fast that she looked as if she was running as though her life may have depended on it. She poured the water onto the ground hoping that the tree roots could maybe somehow suck it up but by the time it had sunk into the ground that low it would have evaporated because of the murderous and blazing sun. Zahra froze and waited but there was no result. Although nothing had happened she had started this impossible mission but she was determined to finish it with success.

Zahra ran back and forth to the weakening tree pouring gallons of water on it, after about twenty trips Zahra fell dicey and exhausted she made last trip and nothing had come out the water pump and that meant there was no more water. Zahra carried the precious drop of water. But she fell even decoyer she dropped the pot and fainted but one drop of sizzling sweat dripped onto the ground.

Suddenly the tree started to grow and, grow, and grow until it was at least 10 ft. tall. Then amazingly all of the mysterious branches covered the little girl and she fell into a mood lifting and joyful dream…  


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