Zahra writing, by Ben

How to revive a dying tree

 Everything was quiet. All of the villagers were fast asleep, hiding from the blazing African sun. But unknown to them, their prized tree was being slowly murdered by the ruthless heat. Crispy, dry leaves were gliding down to the golden sand, one by one. Luckily one small girl had witnessed it all.

Zahra picked up a bowl and sprinted to the unfortunate tree. Back and forth she ran, each time heaving on the small pump. Clank! Clank! Clank! She grew wearier on every single trip. Eventually the last surviving leaf floated off the parched tree. She worked even harder now, pumping as much water into her heavy bowl as she could carry.

Tired, she walked back to the water pump. But even though she pumped for the water as hard as her exhausted little arms would let her, no water came out. She pumped with all her will now. “Come on, come on!” Zahra cried at the voice. Drip! Only one delicate droplet of water came out. She stumbled over to the tree, which was holding on for its life. The sizzling sun was at its limit now, roasting everything on the earth. Zahra’s whole body was aching as she made it to the dying tree, but, “what t-” All of a sudden her vision was going blurry, her head was hurting. Crash! As the pot thumped the ground everywhere around it vibrated. Zahra lay there, but as she lay down one sparkling bead of sweat trickled down her head.

What was happening? From brown to purple the withered tree was resurrected! Growing speedily the prized tree shaded the poor little girl. Flowers popped up all around the magical tree, giving life to the arid desert.


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