In the African blazing sun a girl called Zahra stood looking at a dying tree in the centre of her village. Leaves started to fall off the dying tree. At once Zahra’s legs took off to the water pump. When she got back to her tree another leaf took off into the sky.At once she poured water on to the dying tree. Nothing happened to the tree. Once more she took off to the water pump and trudged back to the tree. She watered it…. Nothing happened. She went back one last time but it only gave a precious little drop of water.  Zahra trudged back to the slowly dying tree. Finally when she got back she fainted. crash! As the pot thumps on the rock solid ground. But as she falls a drop of sweat trickles down her forehead and landed on the base of the tree and the tree sprang to life giving Zahra shade. by Cameron  


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