Zahra’s Magical Tree

Deep in Africa where the sun shines at its highest everything was silent until…Zahra came shooting out of her home to check on her tree. As Zahra arrived at the tree she noticed that leaves were groggily falling off the branch. That was it Zahra ran into her kitchen grabbed the biggest bowl she could find put it under the water pump and started pumping away and poured  the water on the tree but nothing happened. She did this 50 times in the blazing sun. Finally her stammer slowed down she walked the same trail back to the water pump and started pumping once again but nothing came out apart from a trickle of water glowing in her she staggered back to the tree with the tiny piece of water. “What the, everything’s blurry “said Zahra. She dropped her bowl and plummeted to the ground. But as she fell a piece of sweat ran down her face and landed on the floor near her tree but it was to late Zahra was unconscious agaist her tree. Higher and higher her tree grew. But Zahra was not there to see it.By Alistair o-w


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