zara and the dying tree

The blazing sun sizzled towards the tree. When Zara, the little girl, saw that the tree was dying she ran to get some water. Zara went back and forth   from the pump to the tree. Finally she ran back and she tried to get some water. But there was not enough water there. (One delicate shimmering drop tiptoed into the pot).Then as slow as a snail she went back to the tree because she was so tired. She found when she looked to the ground it was so bleary she dropped the pot and fell onto the floor. All of a sudden a tiny drop of sweat fell off her head and went to the roots of the tree and a massive light burst out of the tree and the tree grew bigger. It only lasted for a couple of minutes and then turned it’s trunk to shade Zara because she cared about the tree. By lily. A


2 thoughts on “zara and the dying tree

  1. That’s a very generous comment B.S. What was it that you liked in LA’s piece more than your own? Could you take the bits you liked and improve yours further? All good writers do that a little bit!!
    Mrs Jefferies

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