Zarah and the magical tree

As the leaves fell gently to the scorching sand of the African Desert a girl called Zahra stared longingly at the slowly dying tree. Zahra was looking at the tree from her village a small distance from the tree. The sun was at its highest and was soaking up all of the delicate moisture from the roots of the tree. This tree was very special for Zahra as it was the only tree in the village and indeed the only one she had ever seen, but she was sad to see it die as she knew it would be beautiful when it blossomed.“Precious” thought Zahra as she cranked the lever of the villages’ water pump she collected water with her bowl and scampered towards the tree. When she arrived at the tree she poured the water onto the roots of the fading tree. Zahra ran back and forth from the water pump to the tree but still… nothing happened. Suddenly the water pump stopped producing water so Zahra took the tiny drop of water that was in her bowl and took it along the sizzling sandy path roasting her delicate feet with every step she took. She trudged along the path edging closer and closer to the tree. The sweltering sun sizzled towards Zahra as she proceeded along the path. She looked at the ground and her vision went blurry. As she looked up she dropped the pit. The pot hit the ground and as quick as a lightning bolt she hit the arid ground with a BANG!!! A bead of sweat plummeted from her roasted head and hit the ground. She lay against the tree.The tiny drop of moisture was soaked up by the roots sun of band the tree started to blossom.  The tree grew and began to grow and turn the colour of a magical purple and the leaves and blossom where all sorts of vibrant colours which covered all of the branches the tree was made up of. As the tree continued to blossom flowers started to surround the magical tree. It finally finished blossoming and it amazingly adjusted itself to give Zahra some shade from the scorching sun of Africa. Although she dried the pump from water she provided the village with the most beautiful tree that has ever existed.By Cameron.W


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