Sing Up!

Today was National Sing Up day and we spent the afternoon at one of our local schools.  They have singing ambassadors who have been visiting us and it was our turn to sing at their school.  We piled in the Minibus (and had the help of some mums and their cars) and set off.  We were stunned by the amount of children in their school, they are a primary school, just like us, but have more children in 2 classes than we have in our whole school, we think there were over 200 children!  We sang some songs together, watched some classes (and teachers) perform and sang ‘Electricity’ from the Billy Elliott musical, it was quite daunting with such a big audience but we were FAB!

Well done Clatford for being great ambassadors!

Miss T


One thought on “Sing Up!

  1. There was a lot of children for sure. But the people there in year six looked older then us. We need to grow a lot. B.S

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