100 wc felixw

If we share our kindness and thoughtfulness we could feed a whole family. We eat food that poor people dream of. We could share our love and save a life. Lives that are innocent, lives that suffers from starvation, lives that could be saved by donating a can of food. These people don’t have breakfast or tea; they just survive on a bowl of bread. So come on donate a few cans food and make a child happy by saving their life. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes who has no food just dirty water I bet that you wouldn’t cope well.


2 thoughts on “100 wc felixw

  1. Felix, your word choices and sentence structure have been well selected in order to make the reader think. I especially like the use of the commas in your list sentence. Keep this level of work up!
    Miss T

  2. You are very persuasive in this writing and this is quite a hard thing to do. I like the way you ask people to try and imagine what it would be like themselves. Good work!

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