100 wc week 24 by B.S

If we share  hopefully, poor people around the world will be able to get more money and get extra food that has been donated from some extremely generous people. I believe that if we are kind enough to give some food and money, or both, then maybe we could put an end to all of this suffering once and for all. At home, you probably turn your nose up at a meal if you don’t enjoy it but in places like Africa, children, or adults, don’t care if they get given a meal that they don’t particularly enjoy. If you care, please donate.


2 thoughts on “100 wc week 24 by B.S

  1. BS I really like the way you have used our learning about African life to help you to write about this 100 word challenge. I also can see how you have thought carefully about some of your word choices.
    Miss T

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