100 wc week 24 taylor v

If we share our conscience will be clear. Sharing can lead you on the journey of life and you can gain new friends.

Most people will disagree with this but I know hundreds of people don’t share because they might not get it back or maybe it would break but isn’t putting a smile on someone’s face gift enough?

So when you look in the fridge or in the cupboard just think some people will never have that luxury. So everyday just think that people like you and I are dyeing right this minute, so donate I double dare you


7 thoughts on “100 wc week 24 taylor v

  1. Actually I think most people would agree with your opening statement, Taylor, but, you’re right, some people worry that by sharing they might not have an item returned.
    Some interesting ideas in this 100WC, and your words show how passionate you are about the subject.

  2. Taylor is my son, he writes such beautiful words all the time he has such a depth to him considering he is only 10.

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