100wc week 24 AOW

If we share our food and wealth then the world will  become a better place.  if we all work together then innocent people will stop dying of hunger and thirst everyday.  Imagine yourself having a child so weak he can barely move.  Think if you can’t eat for two days, we can’t even last 12 hours, let alone two days. Some children can’t even afford ot go to school, they have to stay at home and help with the farm.  No child, or do I mean no one, likes to live like this.  So please donate a can of food or drink now.


2 thoughts on “100wc week 24 AOW

  1. AOW
    I really like the way you have made me try to put myself in the shoes of those less fortunate, and your word choices really pull on the emotions eg the use of the word ‘weak’ Keep it up!
    Miss T

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