100wc week 24 JH

If we share food we will save one or two or maybe three lives and they will share with you. Would you like to die of hunger and disease? We will share money to buy some food and drink and furniture. If we share we will make friends and make people happy.  Are you a good person? If you are no problem but if not you should do it to make you a good person.


3 thoughts on “100wc week 24 JH

  1. JH –

    What a thoughtful piece: it really made me think. I like the idea that one person sharing will encourage more people to do the same. I hope more people take your advice and share: the more good people we have in the world the happier we will all be!

    -MikeB (100wc team)

  2. No, I really wouldn’t like to die of hunger or disease.
    You have written such a thoughtful and thought-provoking post, showing that you have thought beyond the giving. You have introduced the idea that friendships may develop too and that there is a feeling of happiness that it gives a person to share and give – to be ‘good’.
    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing your super wriiting.

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