Week 25wc My chocolate story by B.S

When I am looking at all that chocolate it makes my taste buds tingle and water. When I look at that chocolate it makes me want to tear off all of the wrappers, melt it, pour it into a bowl and dip chopped up fruit into it. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to buy all 293 different chocolate bars (it actually is the amount of different chocolate bars in the world) but if I ever manage to win the lottery I will DEFINATLEY buy all of the chocolate. If I sold mouth drooling chocolate I would hog and eat it all at one time.


2 thoughts on “Week 25wc My chocolate story by B.S

  1. I just love your opening sentence! The phrase ‘taste buds tingle’ just made me smile when I read it! I had a picture of someone, possibly a child similar to Augustus Gloop, just gorging on chocolate…with it smeared all over their face and with a big smile!
    Miss T

  2. I enjoyed reading this, you made me smile! If you ever win the lottery can I help you eat all of that chocolate? Some lovely decsriptions here, well done Jane Hewitt Team 100wc

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