100wc felix w stockbridgec

I was walking down the street with my mate searching for a reasonable shop to explore. I wonder what surprises are in store for me today. Walking down the streets dreamless we spotted an irresistible chocolate shop, yep that’s right a chocolate shop full of irresistible treats. Without a thought we rushed in. looking at all this chocolate made me want to scoff it down in one! I ran around the shop looking for something to buy. I found a crunchy creamy chocolate bar. I pulled it off the shelf and rushed to the counter. As soon I got it I ate it in one.


4 thoughts on “100wc felix w stockbridgec

  1. Well done, Felix. That’s the sort of shop i like to find!
    Your sentences are very well written and I particularly like how some of them start; for example, with ‘Walking down..’ and ‘Without..’
    Keep up the good work!

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