100 wc by Cameron.W

It was my first day in Afghanistan. There were Helicopters above transporting the wounded back to Camp Bastion. Bravo 2 were being flanked by M1A2 Abrams tanks covering them as they pushed towards then Russian frontlines. Jets sawed through the skies firing missiles at the retreating Russians. The noise was deafening. Suddenly a grenade landed infront of Jimmhey and blew up. It took his legs of but he was still breathing. Captain Price called in a Medevac to pick up Sgt Watts. We pushed towards the objective marked by  smoke. After securing the objective they pushed towards the LZ and back to Camp Bastion.


100wc week28 by BS

I was so excited. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to die. 1 minute, that’s all that was left until Bruno Mars would run on the stage and sing my favourite song, Gorilla. 30 seconds now. The lights slowly got brighter, and the crowd grew quiet.

‘Hey, you alright everybody’ shouted Bruno. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Bruno Mars was singing along to my favourite song. He was wearing a shiny jet black leather jacket with his hair spiked up and his jeans were slightly ripped. The noise of the crowd was deafening but we absolutely loved it.

100WC week 28 Abi

Lila’s my best friend. We did everything together until that dreadful day.

We were coming out of school arguing when I  got fed up and shouted

“Oh grow up”

“Who wants to, not me”

And then she ran into the road, then a squeal of brakes the noise was deafening. It was Lila’s scream . 


I ran into the road to see her. She was lying face down, her blonde hair hiding her face.

“We’ve called and ambulance”

When we got to the hospital Lila was wheeled of to a room and I waited.

Then the docter said

“Lila is dead”………

The noise was deafing HL

My brother was having his twenty-fourth birthday party. Chloe, mum and step dad went shopping , the noise was  deafing  even from up-steads.

“Turn that down!”  I shouted.

“Come on bro, just have some fun” my brother replied and he just pulled me into the party. Mum said: “we will be back by mid night”, but it was half-past mid-night already I wonded what they were doing? Mum didn’t come back until seven o’clock. The house was  a mess, they had smashed bottles every, where.     

cameron,s 100 wc

Before I knew it I was in the terrible trenches with bombs going off every second. Suddenly the whistle went off and war broke out between England and Germany. All of a sudden a machine gun post opened fire and hundreds of men were shot down dead. Lots wounded. Luckily I was not one of those men. Suddenly a bomb went off bodies were scattered around the mine field. The noise was defining. Finally we made it to the German trench when suddenly a man shouted “gas”.


Sprinting for shelter, as the bombs came crashing to the ground. Booooooooom! The noise was deafening. People screamed and shouted help! Running, jumping, ducking and sliding, I finally found a bus stop. Speeding down like a rocket, I actually saw a bomb take off someone’s head. Blood went flying everywhere and some even went in my eye. I decided my hide out wasn’t safe place. Luckily I did move out as it just got blown up! I ran to my house and called” Mum, dad!” No reply. So I ran to my room to look out the window. Suddenly everything went black. AAAHHHH!….

felix.w 100 wc yr6

“STAMPEED!!!” I shrieked, pointing to the herd of rhinos charging towards us. Briskly, we started running from the horrific gang of rhinos. To my surprise, I found an old air raid shelter from the war. Without a thought I ran inside. The noise was deafening, as they ran over the bunker. Loitering, I waited for the rhinos to go. “WOAH”. They fell into the bunker, as there were too many rhinos on top. Screaming at the top of my voice, I ran through the endless tunnels of broken lamps and wooden panels. I gasped for air as I fell to the ground. I knew this was the end.

On my own by George McM y5 100wc week 28

Suddenly I was a lone “at last “ I said ,”time to make chicken nuggets” so I put the cd  on and the TV .of cores I was going to have a party .first I rang Cameron the Bexley  and Chris they said they would be over in half an hour so I went and had a shower. Then I got dressed an there was a knock at the door .The gang were running and shouting  “fire” what’s happened I look behind me it was true, I had forgotten the nuggets so I dialled 999 fire engine please the noise was differing!

BF 100WC week 28

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” The noise was deafening, although it was far away. As we got closer and closer, the horrible sound faded into the distance. We burst into the room, fingers on triggers…..

Blood, but no body. We searched the crime scene. Just as we were about to leave, Tim found something. “A one centimetre bullet. Just enough to –“

Crash!!! Shards of glass scattered over the corridor carpet. I dived through the window and saw a figure in the distance with a body flung over his back. Bang! One shot, then another, and another. Flop. He fell to the ground.

100 wc yr6 molly puppy stuck…

Suddenly a tremdos noise screeched next door. The noise was deafening. It sounded like a puppy howling in a fire so I went to explore….. I grabbed my slippers and sprinted outside to see a puppy stuck in a abandoned house. Quickly I grabbed a ladder and went up. The fire was centimetres away from the staved puppy. As fast as lightning I zoomed it to the vet. The puppy’s heart was pounding. “Mrs s” the vet called. “the pup serviced” he smiled. “great “I smiled too! “he is yours to keep if you want.” I gladly emptied my car and took the abandoned puppy home.