AH 100wc

“Marlow to base, we have landed, over.” 

“That’s great! Now all you have to do is….”

“Is what?”

The phone was dead which meant I had to do it on my own.  I had to find an alien life form.  Something poked my back, I spun around and saw the wierdest creature ever!

“Ahhhhhhh!  What are you?” I screamed.


Looking in my alien spotters book I read “Moonbomb, warning!  It will blow up every five minutes”


That was the end of me!


6 thoughts on “AH 100wc

  1. This is fab, Abi! What a clever idea, and particularly liked the introduction of the Alien Spotters Book, no astronaut should travel without one!
    Miss T

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for entering the 100 Word Challenge this week. I love the fact that you start your writing with dialogue, this immediately hooks the reader and makes them feel involved in the story. It also makes the reader want to read more. You create suspense when the line goes dead, which you increase when you use the word “something”. Great writing!
    Mrs Stones

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