cmh 100wc

Landing on the unknown planet I heard a strange sound, it sounded like an alien. When I stepped out of my awesome rocket in my space suit I saw that this planet had millions of craters. The sound I heard earlier seemed to be getting louder and louder. Soon the alien was in sight and he looked like he was coming to inspect this presence.

 “Captain mickey  come in” “READING YOU LOUD AND CLEAR” “there seems to be a un recognised foe coming towards you”  “okay” as soon as he reached me I gave him a sandwich.


4 thoughts on “cmh 100wc

  1. CMH, I am really impressed by your 100wc this week, it is one of your better pieces of writing. Some of your word choices are adventurous and really add to your writing. Keep it up!
    Miss T

  2. I enjoyed reading your 100WC. I especially liked your opening, it sets the scene straight away. I also liked the adventurous vocabulary that you have used; inspect, presence, unrecognised foe.
    Next time, maybe you could remember to use a new line for each speaker, this makes it easier for your readers to follow. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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