Rosy 100wc

5, 4, 3”Wait”shoutedRonny 2, 1”Whoo!” he screamed, like a girl, “we have lift off! “Halfway across space Ronny scrambled around a round for his lunch. “Aha found it ham sandwiches my favourite.”

Swshsh, a big puff steam roes and an alien appeared “I’m qwert nice to meet you “he said. Ronny opened his lunch boxes there were 2 ham sandwiches a mars bar and a milky way” ghjkl wow you can carry the planet mars and the milky way in your lunch box thing that is amazing how and earth can you do that are you a superhero wow cool .



2 thoughts on “Rosy 100wc

  1. I really like the way you have used the ,’mars’ and ‘milky way’ in your story, it was a clever use of language, great stuff!
    Miss T

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