100WC WEEK 27 A.H

“Courtney come quick you’ve got to see this”

“See what?”

“Just come” yelled Petunia impatiently

I ran outside and saw THE BIGGEST FLOWER EVER. The shoots could probably be seen from North Korea!! I started climbing straight away . Eventually I reached the top. I stood there proudly, the first 10 year old to climb the world’s biggest flower.

Unfortunately I had forgotten I was allergic to flowers. I suddenly had the biggest sneeze ever and fell 100,000FT to my death.   

“So beware flowers are highly dangerous” I stuttered whilst taking my last breath.


5 thoughts on “100WC WEEK 27 A.H

  1. You have created another imaginative and funny 100wc again this week. Every time you post your work here it makes me smile, there is always a little twist at the end of your writing which I like.
    Miss T

  2. Hello AH and thank you for this entertaining 100wc. I enjoyed reading your story – it has some great language and also a sense of fun and mischief. Do remember to check your punctuation before you publish – can you spot where any missing full stops might go?
    Mr K 🙂

  3. 100,000 ft! Way to tall for me. Well done i really like the way you have used a adverb to give more description (Unfortunately I had forgotten I was allergic to flowers). Well Done.

    Cameron.W 🙂

  4. Wow, I would not like to 100,000! I like how you have you had forgot you were allergic to flowers! Good work! BF 😛 😀

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