AOW 100wc week 27

“Mum I’m going lazed hunting”

“Be back at 5 Mo.”

“ see you soon”.

When Mo finally arrived at the forest he could hear the Lizards scatter. Mo followed the  bendy path. When the path came to an end the green shoots could just be seen. Mo glanced to his right and then to his left, then he stood there in awe and his jaw dropped. He was seeing the most prettiest lizard he had ever seen. But for some resin it was not moving , when Mo took one step closer a large net fell down on him. Then he realised the Lizards where hunting him…            


2 thoughts on “AOW 100wc week 27

  1. AOW
    What an interesting response to the prompt this week, you have ended your writing well. Nex time think about varying the length of some of your sentences, you have very few connectives which means you are only writing in short sentences or phrases which can be difficult to read.
    Miss T

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for entering the 100 Word Challenge this week. You have used the prompt in a imaginative way. I like the way you start your writing with dialogue, this draws the reader in and makes them want to know what is going on. You have also used some good vocabulary in your writing. Of course, I now really want to know what happened next!
    Well done.
    Mrs Stones

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