BS 100wc week27

The green shoots could just be seen under the colossal pile of leaves. Amber and Nina, who are 2 best friends, planted them one day after winning them at an Easter fayre at school. After 3 days the tiny green shoots had turned into a gorgeous fuchsia. They absolutely adored it until they discovered a beautiful rose their parents had picked from their back garden. Unfortunately the fuchsia grew jealous of the roses and they soon became worst enemies. They rudely cut off each others petals, they flung mud at each other and they tried to rip them up. Eventually the flowers died and they were replaced.


6 thoughts on “BS 100wc week27

  1. You have created an individual and imaginative response to the response this week. I particularly like your word choices including the use if the word fuchsia instead of flower. I hope you managed to also persuade your mum to let you get out gardening this weekend!
    Miss T

  2. Well done, a story with a twist! I like the fact that the flowers began to fight. Some lovely descriptions here too. Jane Hewitt team 100wc

  3. I like the way that the flowers come to life. It really bought a sense of joy to the story. 🙂


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