TV week 27 100wc

They were coming, no doubt about it, they were too many. He knew he had no chance to fight them or maybe even escape. Suddenly Alex saw something up ahead, it looked like a snake!!! “AHHHHH!!!!” he screamed catastrophically loud…

Wait a second, it’s only a branch,” Alex thought to himself “Oh no I may have just wrecked my only chance to escape …”

“Trust me you already have,” croaked a voice, Alex looked the man in the eye, that was when he realised the man was holding a gun. Then…… “BANG!!!” Alex was hit…  he lay down staring at the shoots that could just be seen.  


3 thoughts on “TV week 27 100wc

  1. TV this week you have created a sense of tension and suspense, particularly at the end of your writing, with the use of short sentences and elipses.
    Miss T

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