Sprinting for shelter, as the bombs came crashing to the ground. Booooooooom! The noise was deafening. People screamed and shouted help! Running, jumping, ducking and sliding, I finally found a bus stop. Speeding down like a rocket, I actually saw a bomb take off someone’s head. Blood went flying everywhere and some even went in my eye. I decided my hide out wasn’t safe place. Luckily I did move out as it just got blown up! I ran to my house and called” Mum, dad!” No reply. So I ran to my room to look out the window. Suddenly everything went black. AAAHHHH!….


One thought on “christopher

  1. Christopher,

    You manage to create a good sense of pace in your 100wc piece – well done!
    Have another look at your use of speech marks – they should come around what the person has said, with a mini ‘sixty-six’ at the beginning and ‘ninety-nine’ at the end. Like this:
    “Hello” said the boy.

    Overall a great piece of writing.

    Miss Blocksidge – TEam 100WC

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