Marley!! By Ali 100WC week 28

“Mum Dad wake up there’s only 15 minutes until the first rocket goes to space come on we have to go.”

“Ok John you get Marley ,the dog, ready and well get dressed.

7 minutes later they arrived at the lurching ceremony. Whilst Johns family was waiting they brought themselves some ice-cream. (John fed the scraps to his dog.) Mean while a man who was very tall said in a microphone “5,4,3,2,1 blast off! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the rocket was off the noise was deafening though. As John looked at the rocket he saw Marley ,his quit dog, waving out of the rocket window. MARLEY John shouted.  


One thought on “Marley!! By Ali 100WC week 28

  1. Poor Marley! What could John possibly do? Some great ideas again in your 100wc the next thing to do is to check your punctuation, make sure you close your speech marks, and include commas around your embedded clauses.
    Miss T

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