Rosy 100wc

Screech was the only thing I heard in the night The noise grew louder and louder, it sounded like it was on the other side of the wall. I  got out of my bed and tiptoe over to the door and piped through the crack to see a dark figure heading  for my little brother room .I closed my eyes thinking it would disappear in to thin air, but when I opened my eyes his door was open I crept down the corridor “aaahhh” my brother screamed  , the  noise was deafening i sprinted to the door the dark figure came closer to him.                                                                                                           


One thought on “Rosy 100wc

  1. Ooooooo, if only you had a few more words the we would all know the identity of the mystery person, but until then we will keep it a secret! Some great word choices again today to describe the events and the way you were feeling.
    Miss T

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