Goodbye and good luck Jonny!

Today we said good bye to Jonny who has left us to begin a new adventure in Canada with his family.


An Iron Age Day at Danebury

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Today we spent a very cold and windy day at the top of Danebury Hill Fort, an Iron-age hillfort overlooking our town.  It was part of our work on the history of Stockbridge and we learnt lots about Iron Age life.  We enjoyed some ancient stories from a story teller, learnt about flint knapping from Phil Harding from Time Team (Miss T was a little bit star struck!) built fences, learnt about iron age fabrics, food and pottery then tried our hands at a little war craft, perfecting our sword techniques. 

Stockbridge Spiritual Garden


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This week the class were taken to the Spiritual Garden by Ali, Molly and Rosy.  They have been visiting it every week to inspire their writing and this week shared it with us.  We had a chance to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden and then to discover all of the little knooks and crannies and the mysterious things tucked away to be discovered.  We also had a chance to revise our science work on the parts of flowering plants and seeds dispersal!


This week Harrison and Cameron went to Southampton with some children from Horsebridge class.  We went to the Apple store where we were taught how to make movies using imovie on the ipads and ipod touch.  We learnt how to edit movie clips and add transitions and sound effects.  At the end we were given our movies on a USB band to take home and we are looking forward to teaching the rest of the school how to use it.

Koala adventures 4

If you ever read koala adventures 1, 2 and 3 you must know Keith.

Through the clouds Keith finally landed next to some weird bubble wrap dome thing that looked as though he could run through it but he couldn’t. Instead he crept though the narrow door and found hundreds of stolen eucalyptus trees that came from his home country, Australia. “I am more intelligent than a man who has no common sense! I can burn a bit of glass as easy as a fiddle!” Keith yelled. When he set the evil dome alight, Keith rushed his plane back home.                

BF 100WC week 31

We were just playing in the field, two friends and myself, when we saw something glowing in the distance. Quickly, we raced over to the mysterious object, in hope of something good. And then a thought came to me, “Golden bubble wrap?” I questioned. Nick dipped his hand into it.                                                                                                                                    “No it’s a massive honeycomb.” He corrected me.

I was the first to dive into the clear golden honey, head first, Nick second, but Tom waited. He was unsure of it.                                                                                                           “C’mon it’s awesome!” I shouted.

But then it happened. Nick fell through. He was gone. And so was I.

Jessie 100wc

As I woke up I saw a big round thing shaped as a ball. I went in there to have a look inside. When I was inside I saw some honey, lots and lots of honey and then there was a bee and I was really scared I just had to run out . The next day I woke up and I was in my bed I thought I was having a dream . I went down the stairs, I went outside and I saw it again. In 10 seconds the bees nest was going to explode 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 it exploded!

100wc week #21 by Cameron.W

Tom and Kate were on their way to get married, or so they thought. What they didn’t know was they were going to an explosive testing area. They were being transported by an Apache gunship and when they got their tour… “KABOOM!!!” it all goes wrong


Their tour had started and was about to go wrong. Jordan, their instructor, counted down the seconds in his head. “Zer…” the lever was pulled and they were flung to infinity and beyond as they watched their planet morph into a Cider filled Jaffa Cake.

“Lovely” thought the fat and hairy ginger dwarf who had landed on the Jaffa Cake. “Dinner is served.”

100 wc Christopher

We watched all the runny golden chocolate being made in a bubble wrap house. As the chocolate was being smoothed to make lovely greased chocolate. I suddenly felt hypnotised. My eyes would not come away. Waving around the man whispered, “You are now feeling sleepy.” Then I fell into a trance, then asleep. After that he shouted “Ha, my mouth drooling chocolate is the best hypnotising machine ever!” “You will now go and invade the town.” He commanded. And we did as he said. We even through chocolate over their heads to hypnotise them. “Ha ha  he shouted with glory.”  

Molly 100wc

Deep down under the sculpture of the o2 an evil scientist was planning to launch a bomb, right in the centre of Boomcinca city. Dr Stinberg , the evil scientist told everyone in the city to go outside on the 24th of November and the stars will twinkle with joy.7 hours until the launch……. “flick” the match was about to skim the end of the rope “run” shouted the scientist. 5,4,3,2,1…….”Booom” the city filled with silence. Smoke smothered across the city. Everyone was dead. Then “ahhhh” woke up from my dreadful dream.