100wc week 29 by Cameron.W

Marcie drove the Black Aston Martin down the M3 with me and Danny. The Aston Martin had tinted windows and was storming along the motorway. We were on our way to George Finchams apartment 5 minutes away from MI6 headquarters. We knew it would have 24/7 security as Fincham was head of MI6.


“Danny pick the lock.” Danny grabbed his kit, including his SA80, and picked the lock. There was a short woman sleeping on a chair. Danny’s rifle rose and he took the shot. We bailed out of the car whilst Danny assassinated Fincham. Suddenly the pain in my arm. My arm was GONE…


2 thoughts on “100wc week 29 by Cameron.W

  1. WOW that was an awesome ending makes me wish there was more than 100 words as i would like to read more Abi 😀

  2. I wonder if the picture you are painting in this story is that of a war zone. Good effort at describing the events. Well done!

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