felix.w 100wc w #29

Briskly, I ran over to Lisa after school. “hey Lisa” I shrieked, “do you want to come round my house today, we can have pizzas!” she gave me an excited look and nodded. “yeah sure jacky” she replied with some enthusiasm in her voice. Leading the way, lisa turned her head and shouted “hurry up!”

“No wait!” I yelled. “lisa look out a car!”

“ahhhh!” she screamed, holding her arm to her chest.

“lisa are you ok?” i asked

“my arm I think it’s broken.”…

The next day I visited lisa in the hospital. “jacky the pain in my arm  its gone!”…


2 thoughts on “felix.w 100wc w #29

  1. Wow, I wonder how the pain in her arm disappeared so quickly. Did you write this from an experience you have had? Next time, in your writing, remember to use capital letters for names. Punctuation makes it easier for your reader.

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