…Suddenly the pain in my arm… HL

 A young girl, with her dad, went to the shops in the evening. They were planning to get back by: six PM. On the main rounder-bout a truck driver was being a bit wonky with two hundred litters of gasoline in the back of his truck. Suddenly it exploded and the car went upside down, seven meters away and the man in the truck died when the truck exploded. The ambulance rushed as a rocket to them in just five mins they were at the hospital. The father didn’t make it but the girl did.


2 thoughts on “…Suddenly the pain in my arm… HL

  1. Wow, what a sad story! It almost read like a news bulletin as if it was true. I think you would make a great news reporter 🙂 Don’t forget to include the prompt thought. You could have used the words in a quote from one of the survivors.
    Well written.
    Mrs Prior – Team 100WC

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