Koala adventures 4

If you ever read koala adventures 1, 2 and 3 you must know Keith.

Through the clouds Keith finally landed next to some weird bubble wrap dome thing that looked as though he could run through it but he couldn’t. Instead he crept though the narrow door and found hundreds of stolen eucalyptus trees that came from his home country, Australia. “I am more intelligent than a man who has no common sense! I can burn a bit of glass as easy as a fiddle!” Keith yelled. When he set the evil dome alight, Keith rushed his plane back home.                


6 thoughts on “Koala adventures 4

  1. Well, this is a fun story! I didn’t know about Keith, but he sounds very interesting indeed. There are some good bits of description here, and the action moves along nicely. I wondered whether he might have taken the trees back to Australia: I was worried that they would all burn!

    I particularly liked the way you talked about the “evil dome”, because it’s presumably not the dome itself which is evil, but the people who have created it: it’s a good technique.

    Well done,


  2. I really like the way that he screams and sets the evil dom alight. I would really like to read more and i think Koala Adventures has a potential to be a bestselling book. Well Done.

    Cameron.W 🙂

  3. Cameron W, what a great comment! I agree that the Koala Adventures could well become an international phenomena, I can imagine it on the TV as a cartoon character as well as many many books!
    Miss T

  4. Wow Keith gets up to alot of adventures! I really think you should carry on with Keith as he is the star of this blog! Next time tell us a bit more about the dome. Keep up the amazing work! BF 🙂 😀 😛

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