100wc Cameron.W

Danny strolled down the street towards the Mercedes Benz shop located in the town centre of Frankfurt, Germany. He had recently won the euro millions and had taking a summer holiday to buy a new car and also go abroad.

The shop was in sight and he caught a glimpse of a car that took his fancy, a Mercedes Benz Stirling Moss. It was a deep black with a record saying it passed all the tests with flying colours. It was very expensive but it looked amazing. Danny walked in the shop and stopped. There was a Polar Bear in the shop!


BF 100WC Week 36

I sneaked through the tunnel, minding my step through the darkness. There was something in the depths of the black I just knew it. Though it was dark, my expensive lit up the tunnel off the small flame of my lighter. A growl came from behind. I pointed my watch in that direction and in my amazement…… It was a polar bear. I ran away, as his power is far better than mine, but as I ran I saw sunlight. I ran out into a road, but not a normal road. The summer was early and birds were flying…..

To be continued…..

What an amazing 2 weeks!

In the last 2 weeks we have….

celebrated Rosy being showcased for the 100 word challenge

been climbing

had bikeability

had a design chosen for the Hampshire schools quilt for the new royal baby

taken  part in the area sports

won the Sainsburys Active Kids Challenge

and entered a potato growing competition

and there is so much more to look forward to in the coming weeks….Jack and the Beanstalk, Leavers Service, Year 6 at Calshot (and Frankie and Bennys!) Outdoor learning days, Sports day and a swimming gala


Summer time had come, and it was the first day of the flying polar bear show. “Roll on up, roll on up, come and see the magnificent flying polar bears.” I begged my mother to let me gaze at them. But she said money is tight. I begged her more, but when I saw the price I could see why that was her decision. It was so expensive you would need to be rich. I looked at my mums t-shirt, “You spent all your money on that ugly shirt.”
“ Half price” mum yelled.
“On what on what” I screamed.
“Oh come on!”

Abi’s 100wc week 36

As Summer walked outside she noticed that she wasn’t in the UK anymore she was in a world where everything was black!( only Summer didn’t know that, she couldn’t see anything at all!)But as she peered into the darkness she found she could just make out the shape of a flying polar bear! She carried on walking and walked straight into an expensive aston martin. She backed away, she didn’t like this world. Then a voice behind her said
“My my is that Summer” Summer froze, she recognised that voice very well it was the Count’s .




This week we have our bikeability lessons.  We started today with a bike and helmet check then we made sure we knew about safe stopping distances and emergency stops.  We also made sure we could all set off safely after a clear look over the right shoulder.  Tomorrow we will be riding out on the roads around our school.

The golden watch By RosyE

“Mum can I go out today “asked Chelsea
“only if you come in at 5:00and not a second more ok” Chelsea’s mum told her
“Fine mum “replayed Chelsea as she walked out the door .
As she sprinted down the road her mum shouted “pace your self sweetheart”
As she reached her best friend house
“ let’s finish the digging we did lasted week “ said Chelsea
“ok ” Kate said
“look “shouted Chelsea
“What are you shouting about “asked Kate
It’s a golden watch the light was so bright it almost blinded them
“Wow I wonder how old it is “they wondered

winning the sainsburys active challenge

Ellie Simmonds
we have peope in our school called peer mentors. Our job is to help other children if they are sad or dont have anyone to play with.so we entered the Sainsburys Active Challenge and we had to do games for every day of the week and who ever got the most poeple going at the end of six weeks would win.we had a call today to say we have won!