BF 100WC Week 33

Nick ran up the rumbling mountain, lava spitting out. The pain of the heat was unbearable as more lava was launched out of the melting core. Eagles circled around the peak as he got to the top. He needed to drop the diamond in the core before it was too late. Battling the awesome gust of wind that the monstrous birds were creating. But it was too late as the lava covered the peak….. Or was it. Nick chucked the diamond up in hope of it landing in there, the birds swooped down and….. Caught it. “Nnnnnooooooooooooo!” Nick screamed as he felt into eternity. 


One thought on “BF 100WC Week 33

  1. BF well done for completing the challenge in time this week. I like your idea and the way you have included the prompt. Take a little time to read back your writing and see how many simple sentences you have, there seem quite a lot to me!
    Miss T

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