felix.w 100wc week 35

I found myself stuck in green goo my feet dangling in the gloopy slime gunk ewe yuck. Don’t ask. With all my might I managed to haul myself out of the slimy substance reeling my feet out behind me. I stood up loitering, looking around the greeny yellowish island. Oblivious, i started staggering along the lime planet with slime leading to the centre of the earth dotted on the ground. Just in the distance i could see the tiniest spec which looked to be a hill. Without a thought i dashed up the hill and let my eyes adjust to the beautiful light made by the glistening stars. The light was so bright it was blinding. Suddenly just then there was a flash of light and i was home…


4 thoughts on “felix.w 100wc week 35

  1. Hello Felix,

    Well done for your 100 words. I love the fantasy planet you’ve created. i bet it was fun writing it? Will you go on to create inhabitants of the island? I’d like to read about them if you do.


  2. Eww, stuck in a pile of green goo, that’s just discusting. It was still a brilliant story. Keep up the good work. Bethany 😀

  3. So many fabulous descriptive words here, Felix: well done! Verbs such as ‘loitering’ and ‘staggering’ are excellent and I’m very impressed with your use of the word ‘oblivious’. Using the word ‘reeling’ in that context is also worthy of praise. I enjoyed your story very much.

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