BF 100WC Week 36

I sneaked through the tunnel, minding my step through the darkness. There was something in the depths of the black I just knew it. Though it was dark, my expensive lit up the tunnel off the small flame of my lighter. A growl came from behind. I pointed my watch in that direction and in my amazement…… It was a polar bear. I ran away, as his power is far better than mine, but as I ran I saw sunlight. I ran out into a road, but not a normal road. The summer was early and birds were flying…..

To be continued…..


2 thoughts on “BF 100WC Week 36

  1. I think you have produced a very creative piece of work from a very unusual collection of prompt words.
    Your opening sentence brings us right into the middle of the action: you set the scene very well.
    I think you missed the word ‘watch’ out of the third sentence, which confused me at first, but then I realised what you meant!

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