Good bye and good luck

Today we said a fond farewell to the year 6s in our class.  We wish them all the very best in their new schools and know that we will see them all around and about Stockbridge in the future.  In September our 4 year 5s will be stepping up into their shoes and will be joined by the current pupils in years 3 and 4.


Swimming gala

Congratulations and well done to our small team of swimmers who competed against the local schools and came an amazing 2nd out of 7.  All 10 pupils were so confident and willing to take part in all of the races, and after our kayaking yesterday we’re amazed they had so much energy.  Fingers crossed that everyone will be rested and ready for sports day tomorrow.

Leaver’s trip

Today the year 6s had their end of year trip to Calshot.  We set off bright and early for a morning learning to sail, unfortunately the weather was so beautiful that there was no wind, so no sailing.  Instead we went kayaking which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Capsizing seemed like a brilliant idea in the scorching heat,with some people managing to capsize more than others!  We learnt how to eskimo kiss the noses of our kayaks, paddled about a mile out into the Solent and played water polo in our kayaks.  We ended our day with a well deserved feast at Frankie and Bennys with pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream a plenty all being greatfully received.

George McM 100wc week 39

It was a dark and gloomy night when I woke at the knock at the door, “bang, bang, bang, bang.“ So I went down stairs and opened the door and a big man was standing in the doorway with an axe in one hand and my mums head in the other! I screamed and ran with wobbly knees out of the back door. I ran, my heart felt like it was going to jump out and run away. I screeched to a halt and realised that it was it the 30th of October. but I wondered what would do for revenge.


In a little chicken den a mother chicken’s eggs were hatching, but I wondered what I would do if one the eggs were a dinosaur or a crocodile, an eagle, a lizard or a snake. It was a tense moment but I was asleep when I was thinking about it. At seven o’clock I jump out of bed and got dressed, soon I was running like a lunatic to the chicken den. Once I open the door seven babies’ chickens and one baby swan popped wasn’t what I expected to see but it was so cute but I gave it to a mother swan to be happy.

100wc week 39

I woke up this morning and went to school. When I arrived I realized that all the teachers had turned into deadly dinosaurs : not as if they were going to bite my head off but I wondered what I would do….. I ran to my locker and climbed into it to hide. In about fifteen minutes I climbed out and sprinted to my bag to get out my watch and it was way past my bedtime, it was ten o’clock! I ran home to have supper and went to bed. I fell straight to sleep because I was so tired.

camerons 100 word challenge week 39

Cameron 100 word challenge

I was running. My heart was pounding. I screeched to a halt and sprinted down a alley. The police ran straight past the alley. The reason the police were after me was because I had murdered my sister. I was 19, I was old enough to go to a proper prison. I ran out of the alley but I wondered what I would do. The police went left so I went left. I gave my self in so I sprinted the way the police went. when I arrived at the police station one of the officers said your nicked.

Think Safe

This afternoon the year 6s were out of school on a ‘Think Safe’ afternoon.  We worked in groups in different scenarios which helped us to develop our understanding of dangers that we might encounter, along with ways of keeping ourselves safe.  We were brilliant in the e-safety part of the afternoon, we were able to clearly show that we are all experts at knowing what cyber bullying is and how to keep ourselves safe with the message ‘block, report and ignore’.  We also learnt how to carry out CPR in an emergency, how to call 999, how recognise abuse in different situations and who to ask for help.  We had all remembered the work we had completed with Childline earlier in the year and used this to answer questions sensibly.
Miss T