In a little chicken den a mother chicken’s eggs were hatching, but I wondered what I would do if one the eggs were a dinosaur or a crocodile, an eagle, a lizard or a snake. It was a tense moment but I was asleep when I was thinking about it. At seven o’clock I jump out of bed and got dressed, soon I was running like a lunatic to the chicken den. Once I open the door seven babies’ chickens and one baby swan popped out.it wasn’t what I expected to see but it was so cute but I gave it to a mother swan to be happy.


One thought on “100wc.HF

  1. Well done on this weeks 100wc. You have used lots of detail to highlight how you felt during the story, lots of emotions throughout. How do you think the chicken would feel to see the swan once it hatched? Mr Graves (100wc)

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