100 word challenge

This is for all year 6s but years 4 and 5 might want to have a go this week now that you have learnt how to post on the blog. 

The prompt this week is a little different. You have 5 words and these must be in your 100 words. If you can highlight them in some way so that your readers can see them, that would really be great. The words are:

Funny         Orange         Waved         Pavement         Tortoise

Remember you have only 100 words, happy writing!

Miss T


Sketching with mrs w

Yesterday we had to go outside with mrs w, and we had to bring a peice of paper and a

clipbaord. When we were outside we w ent to the wild life garden when we were there

we had to pick a flower and then we had to sketch them

from amelie

My bunny

At my nanny and grandads house i have got a pet bunny rabbit called Cookie he is a lion head that is the type of rabbit.He really means alot to me we had another rabbit before cookie he was called smudgie he died i am really sad i cried i really miss him.But we have got cookie now he loves carrots!


2 days into term the year fives and sixes went on a residential to calshot activities center and tried lots of new sports my personal favourite was kayaking and skiing and archery. The down side was we wern’t aloud sweets!


Art yesterday

yesterday we had a very lovely art session. we went down to a wildlife garden and then we picked one of the nicest looking flower then went back to our school and sketched them i couldn’t pick up mine because it way too spiky so i just caught a picture in my head.        from B