Our first weeks back at school

What a busy few weeks!  We have been back at school for just 2 weeks and we have welcomed 5 new pupils into our class, who have all been brilliant and settled in so quickly you would just never know they are new.  Years 5 and 6 spent a brilliant and action packed 3 days at Calshot.  Year 4 spent their time with Mrs J busy in the polytunnel organising the fruit and veg, visiting Becky’s Greengrocers to learn about profit and writing very important instructions and guidelines for planting, and even squeezed in some time to make some green tomato chutney in our new childrens kitchen.  Phew!

Last week we enjoyed our first ever ‘Family Friday’ working in our colour families to develop our art skills outside and we also enjoyed a golf lesson and our first sports coaching football session.

And still we have lots to look forward to this half term.  We will be learning about rivers and visiting Titchfield Haven where we will be able to see a river mouth and study lots of different features of a river.  We will also be working with the years 5 and 6s at Grately in our newly formed GrateStock.  This will give us an opportunity to work other children of our age and we will be working on sports and IT projects with them, watch out for links to our new GrateStock blog.  Next week years 4 and 5 will be taught the basics of blogging, along with work on e-safety so look out for their comments and posts in the next few days.

Miss T


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