Congratulations to Holly


Today Holly’s 100 word challenge for the Night ZooKeeper has been chosen as a showcase.  that means that it was thought to be one of the best peices of writing from almost 900 entries from children all over the world, what an achievement for one of our youngest classmates!  Why don’t you visit her post and see why you think her writing was chosen.

Miss T



The weeping angel 100wc by George

Two scarlet eyes flickered in the corner of the rotting night zoo. Some heavy stone wings appeared in the lime stone wall. If you look into its fearsome eyes you will turn to stone the only way to stay alive is eat the golden lotus flower .she flies effetely through the star lit sky as silently as a bird of prey .only children are spared from being turned to stone. Instead they die an agonising death of being eaten and adults turn into more weeping angels 3 hours after being turned to stone but they can be saved if you push the flower down the throat .

100 word challenge morgan

The mystery home owner was in fact … a fiery wild eye dragon! Its breath is like one thousand bonfires. Sly the snake was so horrified he slinked away as fast as he could. The dragon’s eyes are like small flickering flames. It’s eyes are the exact shade of the shimmering sea green. While sly was slinking he caught sight of something in the middle of the road. It was an ancient china tea pot. Then all of a sudden a rustling sound he thought it was a predator. So he coiled into a little ball and waited until the noise went away. Then a few days afterwards the dragon moved out. Also the house got knocked down.

100wc oliver

The creature is night coloured, the size of a very small human. It has black razor sharp teeth that can crush bricks, a colossal tail which glows bright green . Flesh is its favourite food. It can swallow deer whole. It has a spiky shell made out of metal. It can pick up a house that weighs ten million grams . It crushes houses and has feet the size of dustbin lids . You can’t see it in the dark because it’s the same colour. If you get caught you can’t escape because in a few seconds you will be in its stomach.

The murderous medusa by beau 100wc

The murderous Medusa
Murderous is only word to describe how fowl this horrendous beast is. If you even look at this monster you freeze to stone and die an agonising death.Even if you do not look at it it will eat you with its snake hair so theres no escape. it is probably the worst way to die. The medusa has a lair in an old abandoned shop.Whoever went in never came out!The medusas lair has millions of statues and is a collosal maze that has only one rout that allows you to get out alive without the medusa spotting you!

night zoo 100wc catie

Scuttling along screaming the spider crunched causally on human bones. Wondering what to eat next he finished the last bone and climbed wearily up his house- sized cobweb. His flame coloured eyes glare and haunt you, his legs are covered in thick violet hair and his body is bottle green.his sensitive ears can hear the noise of a mouse squeaking 30 miles away.

100 word challenge Muncher the Scary Skeleton By Jennifer

Muncher the scary skeleton
May I introduce you too Muncher the scary skeleton. He is guaranteed too freak you out of your wits. When the full moon fills the sky, he crawls silently out of the graveyard too turn people’s dreams into nightmares. When they awake something dreadful happens… They are hypnotised and become ugly, creepy zombies.
He is a flesh-eating monster who has saucer-like eyes that gleam blood-red in the dark. Although he is a skeleton, he still wears a pitch-black cloak around his neck to prevent getting blood all over his gleaming white bones! You never want too meet him!!!

tilly 100wc the night zoo

Down in the swamp below the Night Zoo, was a terrifying evil house with the most gruesome room. Cob webs galore, you could never return after going in there. Hidden in the dirtiest corner of the swamp was the most colossal gloomy eyed monster of a lizard. With a scaled mouldy back and spikes like electric fences or massive stinging nettles, they protruded angrily. He eats the most disgusting worms that dare to wriggle in. The kitchen was just the same with slime falling off as fast as a racing car coming past and beasts were crawling around eating all the dirt.

holly.w 100wc

Below the deep dark murky sky a sinister spine-chilling crocodile is chewing his prey, sucking on their fleshy bones and drinking their crimson blood. His name is Chris the crocodile He has a tail as ginormous as a giraffe’s neck that whacks the children outside the zoo gate with its stinger and WITH deadly poison it kills its prey. However if you come and visit your sure to have a nightmare. With its gruesome breath and stinky teeth you’re sure not to come and visit. Despite his breath he also has a cheeky grin. As he aggressively murders as time went by

Bat snake

Gliding and swooping gracefully through the air, the venomous Bat -snake snatches lost children and drags them to its lair. Bat- snake eats the children whole. Bat –snake is purple normally depending on his mood. He kills people with his electricity which comes out of his wings. He’s in a cage he bites his tail to get more energy. (Anyone idiotic enough would stroke him and die!) If you look at him you would see your worst nightmare. If you argue with him he will pull you away and kill you. Now you no to never stroke a snake or a bat .
By J.Mc