100wc the golden orange – Oliver

The golden orange

A long time ago over a hill lived a man named James. James had a pet tortoise who could talk. One day James and tortoise were walking along a pavement down a colossal mountain. They spotted a map showing them how to get to a golden orange. They had to wait to set off and find it so they shot home had a delicious diner and went to bed. They set off when they woke up .The map said to go to the colossal hill. When they there it said go down the hill then its on your left …


3 thoughts on “100wc the golden orange – Oliver

  1. Hi Oliver,
    I know you hada really great idea but you ran out of words so had to leave your writing with a cliff hanger. Next time plan your story first, then you can plan how to write a complete story within the 100 words.
    Miss T

  2. The opening to this piece sounds just like the opening to a myth! I could believe that an adult had written those first couple of sentences – well done!

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