Arron – The Fruity Pirate Ship

On Friday the thirteenth the fruity pirate ship crashed into the pavement at the big wood forest. Soon after that Captain Orange Beard fainted. Because all his golden carrots rolled out but Doctor Applehead waved because he saw a trail of carrots tops. The whole crew came, including Captain Orange Beard’s wife Miss Flowertop, she was very posh. They found more and more carrot tops, some of the crew laughed at Captain Orange Beard’s funny face, he felt embarrassed, but they still carried on walking. Finally, over the horizon they saw the thief, it was the terrible tortoise. Doctor Applehead realised that the tortoise had stolen the grenade carrots instead of the golden carrots…


One thought on “Arron – The Fruity Pirate Ship

  1. Arron
    I really like the idea of the fruit pirate ship and all of the references to the different fruits and vegetables, not many people are able to expand an idea all of the way through their story as you have.
    Miss T

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