One summer’s day there were three friends on a school trip and one of the friends called Amelia was a very pretty girl and Amelia’s friend Annabelle was a very pretty girl as well. There were a boy called Jake and they were at a fair and at the fair there were a hot air balloon .And they asked their parent and their parents said yes and they were all happy and when they were up in the air they were singing and when they finished the hot air balloon was on fire. They screamed and they panicked and they looking down, I was surprised to see an island


2 thoughts on “Amelie

  1. An interesting story, I wonder did they land safely on the Island or did they crash? It is good that you change the tone of your story from everything being happy to a crisis. You could try varying your adjectives rather than using the same one (pretty) twice. Well tried I enjoyed reading this, Jane Team 100wc

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