cameron 100 wc

It was my birthday. For my birthday I was going in a hot air balloon with my friends Christopher and George. “Cameron it’s time to go” said mum “YES!” I shouted. I ran down the stairs and got my shoes on and ran to the car, “but first we have to go pick up your friends” “okay” first we went to pick up George and then Christopher. When we got there they were setting up the air balloon. Once they set it up we hoped in and set of. Finally looking down I was surprised to see dad’s work place. “I didn’t realise we have gone this far”


4 thoughts on “cameron 100 wc

  1. Hello Cameron, I like the way you have made the balloon ride a birthday treat…I wonder if you have ever had this as a birthday treat? I haven’t. I like the way you have included some direct speech as it helps create the characters in my mind. I would have loved it if you had described what it felt like as the balloon lurched into the air and everything became smaller! Well done on a good challenge and keep writing.

  2. Hello Cameron i really like your story it sounded great for a birthday treat.Just remember to go back and check your wrting you spelt hoped wrong its meant to be spelt like this

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