Indoor Olympics

Yesturday after school some of the year 5s and 6s went to Test Valley and competed in the Indoor Olympics. There was 6 other schools there.  We had to do javalin,  speed jump, beanbag throw (me and Amelie together got 245 points!), chest throw, long jump, triple jump, and over head throw.  At the end the girls and the boys competed in a relay race and we came 1st in it.

We actually came 2nd! Only Lockerley beat us and it was really close.

By Jennifer


5 thoughts on “Indoor Olympics

  1. this is very good but check your spelling of yesterday. that’s a lot of points for two people. rs

  2. Wow that sounds fun I wish I was there to see it all! It must have been very hard to score 245 points with just 2 people. Did you score 245 points by doing the bean bag throw?

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