100 word challenge morgan

The mystery home owner was in fact … a fiery wild eye dragon! Its breath is like one thousand bonfires. Sly the snake was so horrified he slinked away as fast as he could. The dragon’s eyes are like small flickering flames. It’s eyes are the exact shade of the shimmering sea green. While sly was slinking he caught sight of something in the middle of the road. It was an ancient china tea pot. Then all of a sudden a rustling sound he thought it was a predator. So he coiled into a little ball and waited until the noise went away. Then a few days afterwards the dragon moved out. Also the house got knocked down.


5 thoughts on “100 word challenge morgan

  1. Morgan I loved that the dragon owned the house, how creative! I was also glad Sly made it safely away from the dragon and all other predators. I wonder how the house got knocked down though. Great story keep up the good work!

  2. I love the way you described the eyes as small flickering flames but how did the house get knocked down.
    From Beau

  3. great describing words and punctuation it is more like a year 6 work well it should be like that Rhiannon miss u

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